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Welcome to Studio Milagro's newly re-designed fine art gallery, showcasing the works of an intimate network of well-known and emerging artists. Our new format is beautifully simplistic, and more intuitive, efficient, and user-friendly. The artists featured bring a great mix of medium and talent to the Studio. Studio Milagro is the ideal resource for acquiring fine art because we've personalized your experience - you get direct access to your artist to ask questions, negotiate, and make your purchase. And you'll pay an affordable price for your art piece as there are no retailer costs or broker fees charged.  You may reach us via the 'Contact Us' page.

The Studio is currently accepting new artists. With our ambitious advertising program and exclusive, limited-volume format, artists enjoy high-profile internet visibility. Variable membership fees apply. Use the "Contact Us" feature to request more information about showcasing your artwork at the Studio. We'll be happy to review your work and talk with you.
Enjoy the Studio.  Thanks for your visit. 
Jeannie Fisher, Owner | Artist

NOTE : The Studio and its Principals are not licensed fine art appraisers
and do NOT offer appraisal services. You are encouraged to secure any
desired appraisals from qualified appraisers of your own choosing.




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