Harland Young

Harland Young is widely known as one of the premiere western artists in the United States. Harland’s use of rich, resonant colors and light, and his ability to capture motion, have earned him respect and praise of art critics across the country. Harland was raised on a cattle ranch in California. His love of nature and animals is apparent in his wildlife paintings and bronze sculptures. Harland earned a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art from the Art Center College in Los Angeles in 1951. He has owned five art galleries from Laguna Beach to Scottsdale, Arizona, where he spent the last chapter of his life. In 1970, Harland was chosen by the Greater Los Angeles Press Club to paint a portrait of John Wayne for the actor’s introduction as the Press Club’s Man of the Year. This profile is my personal tribute — a scrapbook, if you will — to Harland’s many accomplishments. Click on any of the photos below to launch a slideshow of some of Harland’s many many magnificent pieces, including magazine articles about him, brochures from a small handful of his many artist receptions, photos of Harland and John Wayne as Harland presents his oil portrait to John, Harland’s draft rendering sketch of his amazing life-size cougar bronze sculpture, and more.

My dear sweet Harland passed away in July 2015. Peace, my lovely friend.