Rick Forsgren

Rick is a career artist, and began heading that direction way back in Kindergarten. The first sign that Rick had a special talent was his Kindergarten teacher continually posting his drawings next to the classroom clock for the whole world to see. For a five-year-old, that was a pretty big deal. Rick always had a drawing pad and pencil in his hand, and especially loved to draw whatever popped into his head. His main influence at that age was to communicate thru his art, which didn’t change a lot as he grew up. He always wanted to please Mom, his biggest critic, while Dad, his best teacher, would encourage Rick to keep doing what he knew best. And so his talent grew.

During high school, Rick studied art at a Commercial Art Vocational Technical Career Center. This is where he discovered a focused interest in Graphic Design, further developing his skill as a serious artist.

Rick spent his working career as an Advertising Artist for the Arizona Republic and the Phoenix Gazette newspapers. Although he enjoyed the work, it didn’t allow him personal artistic latitude where he truly shines. He eventually retired from that corporate work, and moved on as a free-lance artist, specializing in logo design. But Rick’s stand-out, signature work is still in his caricatures, where his heart lies – those endearing little cartoons that still pop up randomly in his head just as they did all those years ago back in grade school. These are his best work. They are never calculated, always spontaneous, and often come with a cute one-liner joke. Just looking at his cartoons, one can easily see what a kind and goofy person Rick is, although his cartoons do leave us wondering what’s going on in his curious mind in any moment.